Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir of North Carolina
The Presidents Volunteer Service Award


We are happy to announce that Sri Shirdi SaiBaba Mandir of North Carolina(SSMNC) is now one of the certifying organizations to recognize and nominate volunteers for Presidential Volunteer Service Award Program.

The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation was established in 2003 to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our communities and the Council created the President's Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank the individuals engaged in volunteer service.

The President's Volunteer Service Award recognizes individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard - measured by the number of hours of service over a 12-month period or cumulative hours earned over the course of a lifetime.

The President's Council has partnered with several Leadership Organizations and Certifying Organizations. SSMNC is one of the certifying organization that will review and verify volunteer hours, nominate and distribute the President's Volunteer Service Awards (PVSA).

The individuals serving as volunteers at Sai Mandir have the benefit of receiving the PVSA and the following are the eligibility requirements for each age group:

•Kids: Age 5-14
•Young Adults: Individual Age 15-25
•Adults: Individual Age 26 +

Award Type

Volunteer Service Criteria



Kids: 50 to 74 hours
Young Adults: 100 to 174 hours
Adults: 100 to 249 hours
Family & Groups: 200 to 499 hours



Kids: 75 to 99 hours
Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours
Adults: 250 to 499 hours
Family & Groups: 500 to 999 hour



Kids: 100 hours or more
Young Adults: 250 hours or more
Adults: 500 hours or more
Family & Groups: 1000 hours or more


Presidents Call for Service

All Ages
4,000 hours or more of volunteer service (over a lifetime)

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