Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir of North Carolina

Job Opening for a Hindu Priest

Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir of North Carolina (SSMNC), a registered, charitable Non-profit organization with an objective of operating a Mandir dedicated to Sri Shirdi Saibaba. SSMNC promotes Sai philosophy and facilitates worship and services similar to Shirdi SaiBaba Temple, located in Shirdi-India. This Organization is dedicated to sponsor and support religious, spiritual, cultural, educational and charitable activities in the United States and abroad.

Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir of NC is looking for a Hindu Priest who has attended Veda Patasala.

Here are the requirements for this job:
- Legal US resident (R1 Visa/Green Card/US Citizens)
- At Least 2 years of experience in any Shirdi Sai BABA temples around the US.
- 5 plus years of experience as a Hindu priest preferably in a US hindu temple.
- Perform all religious services to Shirdi Saibaba, Ganesh and Anagha sameta Dattatreya.
- Knowledge in Satcharitra and Datta charitra, Guru Charitra, Vedas and holy books.
- Make prasadam as per the guidelines from management everyday and offer to deities.
- Able to read or write at least two languages fluently: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.
- Able to communicate softly and fluently in English.
- Experience in performing Homas: Saibaba, Chandi, Gayathri , Datta, Anagha, Ganesh, Sudarshana, Hanuman, and Lakshmi - Able to plan and execute religious events for major Hindu festivals.
- Able to Perform Vratams: Sai, Satyanarayana, and Anagha Astami.
- Able to chant: Sai, Lalitha , Vishnu sahasranama and able to read astothatarams and sahasranamam for any other deities.
- He should be able to maintain cleanliness in Mandir.
- Any other temple related duties directed by the temple management as and when needed.

To apply for this job opening, please send your resume to

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